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Visually Impaired Experiential Workshop

Hong Kong - April 2023

IEA is thrilled to be the organizer of this parental experiential workshop with The Ebenezer School & Home for the Visually Impaired; and offer both the parents and children participants a unique opportunity to better understand the experiences of people who are visually impaired.

We began the workshop by having each individual put on a blindfold and navigate their way through a specially designed obstacle course that included a variety of textures, heights and sounds.

After this, the Ebenezer School teachers have led them through a series of interactive activities that challenged them to use their other senses, such as touch and smell, to accomplish various tasks. It was a humbling experience for many of the participants to realize how much they rely on their sight may it be for simple day-to-day activities.

One of the most impactful parts of the workshop was when we had the visually impaired teachers to join us and discuss their experiences in a non-judgmental and open environment. Participants were able to ask them questions, gain new insights and build empathy.

Overall, organizing a blind experiential workshop was an immensely rewarding experience for the participants. It not only helped to raise awareness about the experiences of visually-impaired individuals, but it also fostered a sense of community and inclusivity that touched many of our attendees deeply.

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