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"Facing Bullying, Embracing LOVE” programme teacher workshop

Hong Kong - August 2023

The “Facing Bullying, Embracing LOVE” programme is an initiative that on increasing awareness on school bullying and cultivate a culture of empathy, respect, and inclusivity. The programme acknowledges the need for teachers to be well-informed and skilled in dealing with bullying situations and creating a safe and supportive learning environment.

We had conducted a 1.5-day teacher workshop at the Fukien Secondary School Affiliated School to enhance the educators’ understanding of campus bullying and their ability to distinguish between bullying and inappropriate behaviour. The workshop also aimed to foster a positive school culture and values, and encourage students to embrace empathy, kindness, and acceptance. By setting a strong foundation of respect and inclusivity, teachers play a vital role in creating an environment where students feel safe, supported, and empowered.

The workshop benefited from the participation of esteemed professors who shared their expertise and insights on various topics related to bullying prevention and intervention.

Professor SIN Kuen Fung Kenneth from the Education University of Hong Kong, an expert in special education and counselling, provided a talk on promoting harmonious relationships between students and students with special educational needs (SEN). This helps teachers foster an inclusive environment that promotes understanding and acceptance among all students.

Professor Amy CHEUNG from the University of Hong Kong, department of social work and social administration, delivered a talk on self-compassion as a means to reduce campus bullying. This presentation aimed to empower teachers with strategies to promote compassion and resilience among students, which can contribute to a more positive and supportive school climate.

Dr. Chris KONG hosted a workshop on handling bullying incidents, specifically focusing on restorative conferences as a mediation approach. This practical session equipped teachers with the skills to effectively intervene and mediate conflicts, promoting understanding, accountability, and healing among those involved.

In summary, the workshop had provided teachers with valuable knowledge, strategies, and resources to address bullying effectively, nurture positive relationships among students, and create a safe and inclusive learning environment.

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