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Being one of the sponsors, IEA was invited by the host, Archon, to attend the Award Ceremony at Cyberport to share the joy with the winning schools and students.

This competition's objectives include assisting students develop a regular 10,000-step daily exercise habit through physical activity, while also providing an enjoyable environment for them to learn about Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and enhance their problem-solving and collaboration skills, and develop creativity. Students can also practice their asana movement in this competition with the addition of AI video motion recognition technology. During the pandemic, students held online tournaments, using the smart wearable technology to upload data to the cloud and report the competition results in real time. This motivates the students to participate more sports activities after school in order to improve their physical fitness and health.

Award Ceremony - H.K. School Smart Sport STEM Competition 2022-23

Hong Kong - March 2023

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