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"Facing Bullying, Embracing LOVE" Programme : Drama Experiential Workshop

Inspire Education Association had recently organized the “Facing Bullying, Embracing LOVE” drama experience workshop across ten pilot schools. The primary objective was to empower students to face up the issue of bullying while fostering empathy and compassion for their peers. The students were very enthusiastic and engaged in the workshop.

During the drama workshop, students were fully immersed in authentic bullying scenarios. Through role-playing, they stepped into the shoes of various characters, gaining firsthand insight into the motivations of bullies and the pains of victims. By viewing and/ or experiencing the different scenarios of bullying, students developed a heightened sense of sympathy and a genuine desire to support those affected. Moreover, the workshop expanded students’ understanding of bullying. They recognized that a seemingly harmless behaviour could escalate into bullying when it becomes repetitive and overzealous. This newfound awareness deepened their commitment to creating a caring and respectful environment within their school community.

A pivotal design of the workshop was the active participation of students. They engaged in on-stage role-playing and participated in interactive sessions offstage. Additionally, facilitated interviews allowed students to articulate their thoughts, promoting critical thinking and understanding on the issue of bullying.

Through experiential learning in drama, students not only reflected their own conduct but also cultivated empathy and compassion for others. By doing so, they contribute significantly to a positive and supportive learning environment, where bullying is actively discouraged.

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