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"Facing Bullying, Embracing LOVE" Programme

A polit programme on anti-school bullying

“Facing Bullying, Embracing LOVE" encourages people to confront the problem of bullying and promote love and kindness instead. It suggests not ignoring or avoiding the problem of bullying, but facing it in a positive and proactive way. Bullying can have serious and long-lasting effects on the mental and emotional well-being of its victims. By confronting the problem and taking action to prevent bullying, we can create a safer and more supportive environment for all. On the other hand, embracing love means promoting kindness, empathy, and understanding of others. It is a call for individuals to show more compassion and support for those who are struggling or going through difficult times.
Overall, "Facing Bullying, Embracing LOVE" is a powerful message that encourages people to take a stand against bullying and create a more positive and loving world.

At the opening ceremony on May 10th, we were pleased to see that a lecturer from the Department of Social Sciences at the Education University of Hong Kong prepared a bullying prevention kit for schools and two flowcharts for dealing with bullying incidents. These were presented to the school representatives and guests present that day, in the hope of offering guidance and solutions to schools. The guidance flowchart is free to download from our website.

This project is scheduled to be officially launched in August. The project will include professional training for teachers, workshops for students on campus (including drama experience, social-emotional management skills and workshops, etc.), case support and follow-up, and inter-school competitions.

It is expected that upon completion of the project, both teachers and students will have a deeper understanding of bullying on campus. In addition, teachers will be able to master the details of mediating bullying, deal more effectively with interpersonal conflict, and support students in their healthy development. For students, the project will improve physical and mental health development, cultivate empathy, and teach effective coping strategies.

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