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In recent years, campus bullying has gradually become a social issue of concern, significantly impacting students’ physical and mental health as well as the quality of campus life. To address this, the Inspire Education Association (IEA) organized the “Facing Bullying, Embracing Love” student education workshop at Fukien Secondary School Affiliated School on March 6, 2024.

The workshop consisted of two parts:

1) Drama Experience Workshop: Using a relaxed and lively approach, students engaged in role-playing and experienced the feelings of those being bullied. Through this, they gained firsthand insight into the emotions of bullying victims, understood the motivations of the bullies, and empathized with the perspective of bystanders. This allowed the students to consider campus bullying from different perspectives, fostering care and build empathy among each other.

2) Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Workshop: The instructors discussed various types and the respective impacts of campus bullying. They guided students in enhancing their awareness, strengthening emotional management, and improving interpersonal skills. By making informed and responsible decisions, students could build positive relationships.

IEA believes that the combination of these two workshops, students not only enhance their understanding of bullying behaviour and empathy, but also acquire practical skills in emotional management and interpersonal relationships. This contributes to creating a more harmonious and friendly campus environment while assisting them in establishing the right values, eventually positively influencing students’ overall development.

"Facing Bullying, Embracing LOVE" Student Workshops

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