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The Sciences and AI

Online program Co-organized by Tel Aviv University of Israel (TAU) with Inspire Education Association

Following the Neurobiology on line training programme held last year, this year we are co-organizing another course with TAU: The Science and AI.

This course explores the intersection of life sciences, exact sciences, engineering, and artificial intelligence. Students will delve into scientific topics and witness how AI is transforming research across various fields. They will have the opportunity to engage with young researchers using AI tools and gain insights into the world of research and AI in different areas of knowledge. By examining the symbiotic relationship between AI and scientific research, students will understand how AI enhances data analysis, experimental design, and scientific discovery. The course also highlights how AI fosters interdisciplinary collaborations and drives innovation. Overall, students will gain a comprehensive understanding of the transformative role of AI in scientific inquiry.

Students who complete the course will receive a certificate from TAU.

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