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A Call to Action to address School Bullying

Bullying is a pervasive and serious social issue that impacts countless lives. It can manifest in various settings, including schools, workplaces, and online platforms. As responsible members of society, we must confront this problem head-on and work collectively to eradicate it.

To underscore the significance of addressing bullying, our organization is proud to announce two impactful initiatives:

Short Video Contest: Conveying a Powerful Message

We invite participants to create compelling videos that tell a story about school bullying. Through visual storytelling, creativity, and imagination, these videos will serve as reminders to inhibit harmful behaviors and promote care and respect.

Mascot Contest: Symbolizing Friendliness and Mutual Assistance

Our parallel mascot contest introduces a lovable character that embodies friendliness, care, and mutual support. This mascot represents our commitment to “Facing Bullying, Embracing LOVE.” Through this adorable mascot, we aim to draw attention to bullying incidents and foster a sense of empathy and kindness.

We encourage everyone, whether as a participant or an audience member, to actively engage in our mission. By doing so, you play a vital role in building a more inclusive and equal society.

Let us unite against bullying, embracing love as our guiding principle. Together, we can make a difference!

"Facing Bullying, Embracing LOVE" competitions

Hong Kong - April 2024

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