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Dr Stephen D Tommis MA, D Phil, PGCE

Honorary Advisor

Most of Dr Tommis’ 40-year career has been in the education sector. He trained at the London Institute of Education as a secondary school teacher in 1979 to teach Geography and Economics.


His first teaching post was at Mill Hill School in NW London. From there he moved to Sherborne School in Dorset where he stayed for 16 years. He was rapidly promoted to Head of Department and Under Master. In 1996 he was appointed as Deputy Head at The King’s School, Gloucester and in 1999 he moved to Abbotsholme School, Staffordshire as Headmaster where he turned persistent losses into surpluses within three years and with pupil numbers amongst the highest in the school’s history.


In 2003 he moved sectors to lead a UK charity specialising in gifted children. From there, he was invited by the Hong Kong government to advise them on their gifted education policy and, with seed capital of $200m, he was tasked with setting up the Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education (HKAGE) between 2008-2014. Within 5 years HKAGE had provided out-of-school courses for 45,000 students, supported 30,000 parents and had retrained, through CPD, 25,000 teachers in Hong Kong and parts of Asia. Whilst in post, he was invited to Mainland China and most countries in SE Asia to advise on similar programmes.


On his return to the UK he was made CEO of Montessori St Nicholas, the leading organisation in the UK for promoting Montessori nursery education. He left in 2018 after four years to take up his present position as CEO of Thames Premier Service Ltd, an educational service company with franchised schools in Mainland China.


He is a graduate of the University of Dundee (MA First Class Honours), Jesus College, Oxford (DPhil) and the London Institute of Education (PGCE).

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Professor Kenneth SIN, MH

Honorary Advisor

Professor Sin is currently a Professor for the Department of Special Education and Counselling as well as a Director of the Centre for Special Education Needs and Inclusive Education. He received the Medal of Honour from The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region in 2021.

His expertise and research lie in the area of supporting students with special educational needs and professional development in inclusion. He has great consultancy experience in many local research projects as well as the training work for teachers in Mainland China and Macau.

Professor Sin also successfully got a number of research projects and commissioned programs in the areas of special needs and inclusion. He once led a project valued 51 million Hong Kong Dollars for three years funded by the Education Bureau. It aims at advancing the inclusion by organising a wide range of professional development programs at different levels for Hong Kong teachers.

He was invited to be the school council members of some special schools, members in some task groups for giftedness, inclusion, special needs and child welfare in Education Bureau, Curriculum Development Institute, Hong Kong Examination Assessment and Authority and Social Welfare Department. He is also appointed as the executive members, committee members or chairs in many NGOs for serving kids with special educational needs.

Professor Sin  is now the vice chairman of the Hong Kong Special Education Society.

Chairman's Message

The goal of education is to teach students according to their learning needs, facilitate and develop their talents.

At Inspire Education Association (IEA), our goal is to inspire the future of students by providing them diversified learning experiences. We hope to realise the potential of all students, including those with special education needs, and to create an equal platform where everyone has an opportunity to succeed.

Through our activities and projects, we encourage students to utilise divergent thinking and to stay naturally curious when exploring the world. I am very hopeful to see students create and achieve their dreams, inspiring the next generation to do the very same.

IEA cares for the overall well-being and holistic development of our students, supporting them to cope with the challenges of our fast-changing and complex world.


Last but not least, we strive together to be responsible, sensitive and interactive with our community, and I am sure that the efforts we are making today will yield exponential benefits to the students in the future. 

Our Board of Directors

IEA is managed by a Board of Directors, including experienced educators, legal experts, financial professionals, and corporation executives.

Iris Li


Area(s) of experience and expertise:  Gifted Education, Social Services, and Non-profit Leadership


Why IEA:  As a parent and educator, I understand that each student has his or her own strength and learning needs. I sincerely believe that IEA empowers all students to reach their potential, gives them the opportunity to experience the world, and allows students to truly enjoy their learning journey.  By collaborating with both local and overseas universities, non-government organisations, and professional organisations, we hope our students will acquire a global mindset and the ability to flourish in a world where cultural awareness and cultural competence are essential.

Elvis Chu


Area(s) of experience and expertise:  Communication, Marketing and Social Services

Why IEA:  As a communication and marketing executive working in local and international commercial firms for over 15 years, , I have consistently emphasized on the market needs and customization per the target requirements. We feel that the same theory and attitude is to be apply towards students of the next generation, providing the opportunities to satisfy their curiosity of the world through our programmes. At IEA, we also value the feedback given to us by students, parents, and our board of advisors, which allows us to create personalised education plans. People are at the heart of an effective learning ecosystem, and I aim to build a community filled with people invested in the welfare and vitality of our students.


Our Advisory Team

Our Management Team also consists of a number of Advisors who possess ample teaching, management experiences, education exposure, both locally and internationally.

Our Volunteers & Partners

Our group of volunteers and partners are enthusiastic and experienced in the education sector, in sync with the IEA's core values. IEA endeavors to create an ambiance where students have equal opportunity to learn, experience and unleash their potentials.

Inspire Education Association (IEA) is a non-profit organization and has a Hong Kong IRD S88 charitable status.

IEA provides supports to students from kindergarten to tertiary institutions with diversified educational needs. We are also a Concern Group with special focus on Special Educational Needs.

IEA comprises individuals from both commercial and NGO backgrounds, brought together by their experiences and striving towards the same goal.

About Our Team

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