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The Project Team joined the Learning & Teaching Expo 2022 and shared the background, objectives and achievement of the Project “Enhancing Equality in Learning Opportunity – Develop effective school-based enrichment programmes for under-achievers with high ability in low social economic status” with visitors of the Expo.

Teacher Ms. MAK was also invited to share the positive results achieved for the pilot project run in 2021-22.

In Hong Kong, most gifted programmes focus on developing gifted achievers. Without proper teacher training in the concept of giftedness, most schools do not have sufficient resources and knowledge to identify and support underachieving gifted students. The educational needs of underachieving gifted students are overlooked. It is even more difficult for underachieving students with an underprivileged background. Those students not only lack support from the school but also lack resources from their families. It is therefore creating another kind of inequality in learning opportunities.

By implementing the innovative ‘Integrated Supporting Model’, the “RITHA Programme provides systematic teacher training in gifted education to school teachers, followed by the designation and implementation of school-based enrichment programmes. The programme targets the educational needs of underprivileged, underachieving gifted students. The programme so far has supported a total of 6 secondary schools and 9 primary schools with 30 teachers and 131 students. The subjects of the school-based enrichment covered English, Maths, Science and Art. The project has achieved positive results. The quantitative and qualitative feedback from students and teachers was positive, with noticeable improvement.

A Talk at the Learning & Teaching Expo 2022 on the RITHA Programme

Hong Kong - December 2022

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