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Campus Anti-bullying Campaign Opening Ceremony

Hong Kong - May 2023

On May 10, 2023, the Inspire Education Association (IEA) and Commercial Radio One (CR1) jointly hosted the opening ceremony. The results of the IEA's survey on school bullying were released. In the 319 responses gathered from principals and teachers of secondary schools, primary schools, and special schools in late April, more than half of the respondents admitted they had trouble defining bullying on campus and ways of dealing with bullying incidents. This represents the difficulties in dealing with bullying in Hong Kong.

The chairman of the Kwun Tong Schools Liaison Committee, Principal WONG Chi Keung, and singer Mr. NG Lam Fung were invited to share their true stories of experiences with bullying in the past. Teachers, students, and visitors are encouraged to consider the negative effects of campus bullying on the victims and to be concerned about their friends' physical and mental well-being after hearing their genuine experience.

In front of about 100 teachers and students at the campaign opening ceremony, the principal's representatives recited the school's pledge, which vowed to convey anti-bullying initiatives to the classmates and address the various bullying issues on campus. We also created a campus anti-bullying tips booklet and delivered it to the school officials with advice on how to deal with alleged incidents of bullying on campus. We hope they can handle it and follow up immediately in accordance with the kit's recommendations.

Through a variety of initiatives, we hope to increase public awareness of school bullying. Our goal is to create a win-win situation when addressing the issue of how to get along with teenagers; and by strengthening support for teachers so they can learn how to deal with student’s misconduct and lower the number of occurrence of bullying in school.

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