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Campus Bullying Survey Report for Sharing

Hong Kong - May 2023

Inspire Education Association conducted a survey on campus bullying among principals and teachers from secondary schools, primary schools, and special schools prior to our 510 opening ceremony. We have received a total of 319 questionnaire responses. The results showed that over half of the respondents indicated that they were unable to clearly define campus bullying and lacked the correct methods to handle bullying incidents. This indicates a lack of knowledge and support in dealing with bullying issues on campus.

Based on the survey results, respondents expressed a desire to enhance support for teachers and help them address inappropriate behaviour on campus and prevent bullying incidents through activities. These activities may include providing professional training, workshops, or seminars to increase teachers’ awareness and ability to handle campus bullying issues.

The survey results provide valuable information, highlighting the need for more support and training to help the school community better address campus bullying issues. Through education and raising awareness, efforts can be made to establish a safer, friendlier, and more inclusive positive learning environment.

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