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Parent-child Christmas Workshop - Creative Product Design X 3D Printing and Talk on Resilience in COVID

Hong Kong - December 2022

This workshop was divided into two sessions: the first part was creative product design X 3D printing.

The Hong Kong government is now vigorously promoting STEM courses (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics), including learning and applying 3D printing technology. Through this workshop, parents would learn the importance of 3D printing to students and how 3D printing could be applied to Hong Kong STEM courses learning.

IEA hopes to build the relationship between parents and children through this workshop, integrate STEM education into life, and arouse children’s interest with technology while developing their creativity, and the actual application in real life.

The second part was a talk regarding Resilience for parents. We had invited professional speakers to explain what resilience was and how parents could support their children on strengthening their ability.

Through this talk, parents know and understand more about the difficulties, pressures, and the adversities children are facing under the epidemic and learn how to strengthen their resilience against the pandemic.

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