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RITHA Project Dissemination cum Workshop III

Hong Kong - September 2022

The pilot project "Enhancing Equality in Learning Opportunity – Develop effective school-based enrichment programmes for under-achievers with high ability in low social economic status" was successful completed. The project dissemination cum Workshop III was held at the Education University of Hong Kong. It was in hybrid mode with both physical and online arrangement.

The project team shared the highlights of the RITHA Training Programme and the positive results from the enrichment programmes run at the schools of participating teachers. Assessments from students and teachers showed how the programmes increased the students’ motivation in learning and unleashing the potentials of underachievers. One seed teacher, Mr Kasey Lam, also shared the ideas on his programme from designing and implementing with the attended principals, teachers, parents and students.

At the same time, 2 renowned educators in the Gifted Education field were invited to deliver a keynote and a Symposium. Dr Patrick LAM, Chief Principal of ELCHK Lutheran Academy from Hong Kong shared the keynote on “Gifted students: from potentials to accomplishments”, explaining the importance of affective education for gifted students and Prof. dr. Lianne Hogeveenon from Netherlands hosted the symposium on “Underachieving: why, how, what (to do)?”, advising on the strategies to develop underachievers.

Participants found the sharings insightful and inspiring.

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