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RITHA programme 2022-23

Hong Kong - October 2022

In 2021, Oxfam Hong Kong and the Centaline Charity Fund had jointly provided funding to the Education University of Hong Kong for the pilot project "RITHA - Enhancing Equality in Learning Opportunity - Develop Effective School-Based Enrichment programmes for under-achievers with high ability in low social economic status". Activities include teacher training, identification of underachieved students, design of school-based curriculum, and exploration of resources for talented and undeveloped students. The programme was completed successfully and received positive reviews from different stakeholders.

As the continuation to the successful experience of this pilot program, the 2022-2023’s opening ceremony cum teacher workshop 1 was held at the Education University of Hong Kong on October 29th 2022. We had also cordially invited Mr. Wong Chung Po, Associate Director - Programme, The Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education, to deliver a keynote for the seed teachers and respective school principals.

We look forward for another round of success of the programme.

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