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Inspire Education Association organized a 3-days 2-nights Shenzhen Vocational Education and Technological Exploration Trip for students from the Vocational Training Council Youth College (International) from May 16th-18th, 2024.

On the first day, the students visited Tencent Holdings Limited in the morning and engaged in in-depth discussions with company experts about the application of artificial intelligence in the field of education. In the afternoon, they visited the Shenzhen Huawei Digital Power Antuoshan Headquarters and its energy storage and charging facilities, learning about the latest green energy technologies. Later, they went to the Shenzhen Pengcheng Technician College, where they toured the campus facilities and interacted with teachers and students. After dinner, they experienced the local culture in Gankeng Hakka Town, gaining insights into the historical context of Shenzhen’s urban development.

On the second day, the students visited Shenzhen University for academic exchanges, delving into the teaching and research environment at the university. They also explored the laboratories and campus facilities of the College of Mechatronics and Control Engineering. In the afternoon, they visited the Qianhai Shenzhen Hong Kong Youth Innovation and Entrepreneur Hub, exploring the latest developments in Shenzhen’s innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem.

The third day, the students embarked on a cultural journey of Shenzhen. They visited the Da Fen Oil Painting Village, appreciating the outstanding works by local artists, and then proceeded to the Shenzhen Museum to explore the city’s historical and cultural heritage.

This Shenzhen Vocational Education and Technological Exploration trip allowed the students to personally experience the unique charm of Shenzhen as an innovation hub, laying a solid foundation for their future careers development.

VTC Youth College (International) - 3D2N Shenzhen Vocational Education and Technological Exploration Trip

China - May 2024

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