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Workshop II of the RITHA - Phase 1 Project

Hong Kong – October 2021

It is our honour to have Dr Jimmy Wong, the Executive Director of the Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education, to be our Keynote Speaker for the Workshop II of RITHA (Phase 1) Project.

The keynote topic is “Talent Development of Gifted Students for the 21st Century through STEM and beyond”. Participants invited include the 30 teachers from the project and prospective teachers who are taking Master of Education in Hong Kong Education University.

Dr Wong shares with teachers on how to support the talent development of gifted students in STEM and use STEM as “tools” to unleash strengths of gifted students in other fields in the 21st Century.

In this workshop, each seed teacher also shares one valuable piece of article they have read and learn in the training course, as well as the infrastructural design of his/her school-based enrichment course.
Professor Sin, representing the Project Team, together with Dr Jimmy Wong have also given advice to seed teachers on fine-tuning the design.

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